Food Security and Health Care

Today, I watched this wonderful presentation of OCP Group CEO and Chairman, and I was wondering about the two slides he was presenting. He is really a great presenter. The event is great in part because, food security is a critical to growth and well-being of the population, and in part health care should be built or should evolve around food consumption and quality of food produced. I would like to have a chance to present in this event and meet this knowledgeable CEO,  and more specifically, I would like to present and provide some concrete solution for North-South collaboration in improving population health.

Africa as other part of the world experience deficit in number of food calories per capita, the West on the other hand has an excess. However, the question of fair trade is required, people need the know-how not hands-out.

Robinson Crusoe will not succeed in his island if he did not have the know-how. This is true with the deficit that the African nations have when it comes to population growth and relevant technologies to balance with their population growth.

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