Do we need to change our behavior to avoid chaos?

Dr. Markides on financial crise

Market Research for Health Care and beyond

Dr. Markides,

Dr. Markides is talented speaker, and as reasonable human being I will be influenced by his talk, and I am confident that his audience does. I like when Dr. Markides asked an important question about what are the underlying sources of our current and future problems? this is a powerful statement and his answer and his research focus a very small picture of the system or superficial answers to current problems.

Dr. Markides is true to pinpoint to that our problems is the making for our behavior and our inability to solve the complexity of the system. We are all responsible and we need to believe that our differences are our weaknesses.

The financial market is just one piece of our current problems. I am looking for bloggers are researchers who are interested to join me and develop a comprehensive map of our underlying sources in health careā€¦

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