How to keep personal health information safe

Personally, I don’t see any privacy threats to personal health information if patients are giving the option to hold on to their health records. There are several ways how this could be achieved. My intention discussing this issue is the monopoly power that health care providers may hold when they become guardians of the health care data. Analogical case to health care providers are bankers, who monopolize the financial market and its liquidity.
Why don’t we make the patients kings, who decide with who they can share their records, and still they can request to delete their information if they decide to. Some people may decide not to leave any finger print during and after their life time, let’s honor their decision and wishes. Worse, some villain may decide to use these data to change the reality of true science.
It is the same thing with what Google and Facebook are doing with our social life, and believe or not that one day people will ask these information bankers to delete their recorded information included mine in this post.

Blumenthal D, McGraw D. Keeping personal health information safe: the importance of good data hygiene. JAMA. 2015;313(14):1424.