Population health and Public health which one is which within changing environment?

Population health management overlaps considerably with public health, in that public health has more of global perspective on changing individual or community behavior to control the spread of a disease or an epidemic (More prevention than treatment), and improve the overall well-being of the community. In short, public health has strong hold on preventing occurrences of diseases and promoting healthy behavior.

The population health is concerned with improving the health outcome of certain population within a given location. By summing up all the interventions implemented within a given locations “Communities” will improve the overall health outcomes of that particular population therefore achieving what a public health program seeks to achieve.

Federal and state government are major contributors to public health programs of their preventive nature. On the other hand, population health programs are initiated by health care system when there are evidence or need to manage diseases or risk factors associated to improve given health outcomes.

Determining the fine lines between public and population health programs will be detrimental in future funding of these programs. I argue that failure to do so may create conflict in future funding for public health programs because of population health initiatives, which may results in spillover in the future if health care system undergo financial calamities.





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